The Tuscan Word Centre

The Tuscan Word Centre is a non-profit Association devoted to promoting the scientific study of language.

Short Intensive Courses

TWC made its name by offering short, high-level courses and similar events for language researchers and workers in the language industries. We are very pleased to announce that this year we are again able to offer events in the beautiful ex-Cistercian monastery at Pontignano, near Siena: see We are organising this event jointly with the University of Siena.

By careful planning and budgeting we are able this year to reduce our fee for the four-day course by 100.

October 27th-31st 2006 A short intensive course on the theme: Special and Varied Corpora Seven acknowledged experts in corpus design and construction lead this packed four-day course. As always there is an emphasis on practical matters of corpus handling and retrieval software. For further information see Short description.

TWC Courses concentrate on the use of electronic corpora for different purposes, including:

  • translation, automatic or machine-aided
  • language processing, tagging, parsing etc.
  • language teaching support
  • language learning assistance
  • lexicography and language reference

    Turn to The Computer and The Corpus for some details.

    Other Activities of TWC:
  • Advisory and consultancy services
  • Language processing software evaluation
  • Project design and management
  • Language product development
  • Organisation of academic and professional events, eg conferences, seminars, workshops

    TWC staff are experienced in conducting courses and projects in Europe and beyond, co-ordinating commercial, public and academic sectors.


    TWC offers access to unique and growing resources for language and information, including:

  • large corpora in English and many other European languages
  • state-of-the-art retrieval software, designed to meet EU standards
  • specially designed corpus processing tools for sophisticated analysis
  • range of computers and proprietary software
  • a panel of advisers with expertise in most aspects of language and information

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