the tuscan word centre


special and varied corpora


27th – 31st October 2006; Certosa di Pontignano, Tuscany.



How do you make a corpus for a specific need? 

          How large does it need to be?

                   Where do you find the texts?

                             How do you know if a text will suit your corpus?

                                      What software can you use?

                                                How do you ask the right questions?

                                                          How do you interpret the results?


If these matters are on your mind, find out more about this short intensive course run by The Tuscan Word Centre.  As with all TWC courses, it deals with current issues in corpus study, but this course has a special focus on specialised corpora rather than general ones.  

The course is organised by TWC under the auspices of the University of Siena, and will take place in a beautiful ex-Cistercian monastery in the Tuscan hills near Siena. 

TWC has assembled a team of scholars who have major achievements in building and studying different kinds of corpus; they will focus on special and specialised varieties of both spoken and written corpora:


Prof. Winnie Cheng, PolyUniversity of Hong Kong

Mr. Chris Greaves, Language Software Consultant

Dr. Ann O’Keefe, University of Limerick

Dr. Ute Römer, University of Hannover

Prof. John Sinclair, Tuscan Word Centre

Prof. Elena Tognini Bonelli, University of Siena

Prof. Martin Warren, PolyUniversity of Hong Kong


The course will tackle theoretical issues ranging from corpus design to the implications for linguistic theory of corpus evidence; also practical matters such as how to identify what a document is about, and to classify it on that basis.  Talks and discussions will alternate with practical, hands-on sessions, and demonstrations of some radically new software for corpus analysis. 


We try to keep TWC Courses small, so please reserve a place as promptly as possible.

All enquiries to John Sinclair,